Staten Island PPS has partnered with the MIT Sloan School of Management Health Systems Innovation Initiative  to bring together partners from across the nation to form a National Collaborative Consortium on Substance Use Disorder, with the aim of combating the opioid crisis. MIT brings its expertise in machine learning and data analytics for research and program evaluation and has begun working with SI PPS to develop research strategies to identify root causes of addiction and a predictive algorithm to identify those at risk of overdose.

The mission of the Consortium is to draw on the expertise and knowledge of collaborating organizations to develop population health-based best practices and advocate solutions to barriers in implementing programs along the continuum from prevention to recovery. Topics of focus and discussion include prevention, clinical care and treatment models, criminal justice and multi-sector collaboration, data analytics and privacy and Social Determinants of Health. Additionally, the Consortium aims to develop and test  Alternative Value Based Payment models for Substance Use Disorders.

In addition to Staten Island PPS and MIT, Consortium participants include:

  • Alliance for Better Health PPS
  • Beth Israel Lahey Health
  • Community Care of Brooklyn PPS, Maimonides Medical Center
  • Community Care Cooperative ACO
  • Elevate ACH
  • George Mason University
  • Illinois Public Health Institute
  • Remedy Partners
  • East London NHS Foundation Trust

Following a founding workshop event held at MIT on May 31st, 2019 and subsequent phone calls and planning sessions, a 2nd meeting was held in NYC on December 4th, 2019 to advance the mission and goals of the Consortium. A steering committee and workgroups have been formed to identify priority areas of focus for research, funding, best practice development and advocacy. Future calls and meetings are planned as the Consortium develops into a formal entity.

The development of the Consortium provides an exciting opportunity to build and replicate Staten Island PPS’s achievements in transforming quality and outcomes for those with addiction on Staten Island across the nation.