Recently, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Salvatore Volpe delivered SaferLockRx bottles and Deterra bags to several local pharmacies that have volunteered to participate in an important project to address Substance Use Disorder on Staten Island. This project was made possible by a grant from Healthfirst.

Studies have shown that over 50% of controlled medications are obtained without a prescription. This is often from friends and family. 32.5% of students surveyed in the 12th grade replied that opioids were easily accessible in 2018.
SaferLockRx bottles permit safer storage of medications with a risk of addiction and overdose. We can all do our part by safely storing these types of medications and promptly disposing of medications that are no longer needed. Many pharmacies have medication disposal boxes on site and the three pharmacies participating in the project also have a limited number of Deterra bags that can be used at home to safely neutralize up to 98% medications which can then be safely disposed.