Safe Prescriber Pledge

I pledge to be a safe prescriber.

Coming to a practice near you.

Did you know that prescription pain killers and opioids can lead to addiction, substance abuse and overdose?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 75% of people who go on to develop a substance use disorder start with medication prescribed to them by their primary care provider. By making the community aware of the risks of prescribing opioid pain medications and engaging practitioners to follow safe pain medication prescribing guidelines, it will reduce the reliance on opioid medication that is the root cause of so much addiction.

Staten Island Performing Provider System will be calling together primary care doctors, nurse practitioners, pain management specialists, pharmacists and other prescribers on Staten Island to Take the Pledge! Medical professionals who Take the Pledge will be supporting the battle against the opioid overdose epidemic. Safe prescribing guidelines, as defined by the CDC, limit the use of potentially addictive medications in their practices.