This Project

As part of a community-wide strategy to track the opioid epidemic and accelerate the response on Staten Island, a core set of 15 “North Star” measures within six areas was developed by the Task Force with input and public comment from coalitions, treatment providers, community & faith-based organizations, and community members.

The 15 measures aim to guide and align response efforts throughout Staten Island. Click here to see the full report on North Star Measures for Tracking the Opioid Epidemic and Accelerating the Response on Staten Island.

On Staten Island, significant and collaborative efforts have been launched to tackle the opioid epidemic. Multiple organizations and collaboratives have been implementing different efforts across the key areas to respond to the opioid epidemic. The six areas are: 1) Monitoring the epidemic, 2) Prevention, 3) Reversal, 4) Treatment, 5) Recovery, 6) Law Enforcement Diversion